Insider flying tips for our Jet- Setters

We have selected below few tips & tricks every pilot knows. So why shouldn’t you know and use them as well? Check our list below and learn some amazing new things!

  • Smart Packing

A large part of job of every pilot is the routine- and packing and preparing is no different. Every item in their luggage and bags has a individual position, and every other important item in their carry- on bags ( like for example passports, wallets, phones, etc. ) has a special place as well. Why? Simply because it’s easy to find when we need it urgent. And as well, if it is missing. Having a packing routine should be something we should all start using and practicing, to make our trips and journeys easier.

  • Timing pickings

Something we have been advised from pilots is a well, the flight timings. If we are travelling on the north- south route, with few or no time zone changes, we are recommended to do so by travelling on a daylight. Daylight flights with an morning departure. We will arrive in the evening and have a good night’s rest, and the good thing about it is as well- we will wake up completely fresh the next day. Doing the same flight overnight is something completely different, and we probably won’t be so fresh as if we decide to take the day flight.

  • Be prepared!

Be prepared! Emergency situations are not happening that often, but we always should stay prepared. During take off and landing we should always wear long pants and a good pair of shoes! During mid- flight, there is nothing wrong however with taking them off and changing.

  • Stay hydrated

An pilots advice is as well- stay hydrated. We should avoid caffeinated drinks, as well as alcohol. Another great tip? Lip balm! Cracked lips and long flights go hand by hand, so, some airlines might provide you with a lip balm, but just in case- take your own too. Hydration is important, during the flight, before and after.