Flying Business Class

Flying luxurious : British Airways, Etihad, Singapore Airlines, Emirates, Cathay Pacific

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, and our beloved Business Class travellers. We have written a blog today about flying business class, and we have compared 5 leading airline companies for you: The British Airways, Etihad, Singapore Airlines, Emirates and Cathay Pacific. Of course, we all have our favourite airline company we always prefer to flight with, and book our flights with. But we have compared these leading five airlines and the experience of flying luxurious. We have also compared the limousine services, check- in experiences, business lounges, boarding, flat- outs, storage, privacy with flying business class,blow- outs, services, entertainments they offer during the flights, technologies, loos and why they are beloved.

We will start with the first one, and this is the British Airways. British Airways don’t really offer a limousine service, but their valet parking is fabulous. A lot of their customers are flying business class, therefore we recommend to be very polite to get a great seat at the check- ins. British Airways business lounges are extremely comfortable and amazing in most major cities all over the Globe. You will be able to choose between very healthy food, plus very delicious bacon buttes for the lovers. You will mostly end up asking for a glass of champagne, but everything else regarding to drinks, you will be able to get yourself. The Wi- Fi connection is of course included, and is working very well and fast. As soon as you enter the aircraft, you will be offered a champagne, orange juice or water. In many planes the economy passengers have the chance to go through business class which we didn’t find so well. A lot of new BA airlines offer now a new layout with wider and longer seats, and the beds and seats are easy to deal with. The drawer has also a lot of space, so be careful if you are leaving small things such as mobile phones etc. up as you might end up forgetting it, due to their vide space. The privacy is very well, and the food has also been improved. You will have a lot of options for your meal to chose from. You will also be able to get very delicious British cheese. The snacks have also became much more healthier,and you will be able to choose between various, healthy snacks. The service however, is fine all together. The screen is touch screen, and we have found that with flying with other airlines, the entertainment on board is much more richer. The Terminal 5 with BA is truly amazing and all together, it is safe, comfortable and reliable. At the end, we all love Britain so BA will be the first choice for most of us.

The second airline company we have written a small review about is the Etihad. With Etihad, you will be able to experience a limousine service and a Chauffeur. The check in with Etihad has fabulous facilities at all airports, but especially for example, in Abu Dhabi. You will feel like you are entering the most luxurious hotel, and the service is truly amazing and beyond. The lounges are pure luxury and exclusivity. For example in London at Heathrow, the business class and the first class share the lounge. However, for example as previously mentioned in Abu Dhabi, the lounges are separate. You will be able also to enjoy the Six Senses spas for massages and various beauty treatments of your choice. The food is delicious and the bars are truly exclusive. When you are travelling business class with Etihad, the boarding will be separate from economy on all flights. The seats have a lot of space. You will sit in your private shell and you will have a lot of privacy and discretion. The food you will be able to experience at board is truly five star and excellent. From anything- fish, pasta, healthy foods, delicious cakes and so on. The movies that are on the business classes with Emirates are truly the latest ones, and there is a large selection of all kind of movies and on board entertainment. Also if you haven’t know by now, they started as well to have live television which we found absolutely top. You will be able to have a lot of light, as windows are everywhere. Flying business class with Etihad is an truly luxurious treat and everyone loves it. Etihad is not such an old airline company, and they offer the latest and most exclusive things. You will wish to stay longer on board even when you land, that is how excellent the airline company is!

The third airline company we have compared is the Singapore Airlines. With Singapore Airlines, you won’t have the ability of a limousine service. However, the Check- In is wonderful and very welcoming. You will have Internet options and the service you will be able to experience is beautiful. Their stuff is truly friendly and welcoming, you will be welcomed with a huge smile and you will truly feel comfortable. The Singapore lounge is renewing and you will have a big option of choosing your favourite drinks as soon as you enter the lounge. Of course, the technology in the lounge is perfect. The business class lane is separated so you won’t have to wait. The seats are one of the widest. You will be able to enjoy a great sleep as the seats have fully bed options. And the pillows, blankets etc. are branded so you won’t even feel like you are on a plane. The storage is excellent as well, with a lot of space for all your stuff. The new airplanes have also a storage for laptops which we find amazing. The privacy is also five star, and you will be able to have a full discretion. You will have the option to pre- order your food, and for the food as well, we have to say only the best. The service is super friendly and the stuff on the plane is as well truly welcoming and helpful. Regarding to the entertainment during your flight, you will feel like you are enjoying your own cinema. The technology for your devices is top class, and the service is one of the favourites.

The next one we have compared is, the Emirates. You will have the availability of having a limousine service. The Check- ins are amazing and the lounges are truly superb and beyond. As for the previous airline, you will be able to have a Spa treatment before your flight. Also, no waiting in a queue! You will have your own dedicated business- class fast- track. The beds on board are perfect. With the new aircrafts, you will have a full privacy, and the food is truly excellent. Like as if you are sitting in your favourite five star restaurant! Most of the aircrafts have also internet on their flights. The Emirates is truly modern. The service is extremely sophisticated and welcoming. At the end, it is one of the best airline companies in the world, and it truly deserves to be!

The last airline company we have compared for you, is the Cathay Pacific. With the Cathay Pacific, you will have an availability of having a limousine service as well. The lounge is more than 7, 000 square metres and the lounge is truly with a designers touch. You will be able to have also a Spa treatment as well. If you adore reading books, you will be able to enjoy ┬áthe quiet rooms. Just don’t miss your flight! The storage on the aircraft is amazing as well, and you will be welcomed on board with drinks. Regarding to the privacy, you can choose if you want to sit in the middle, and you can enjoy the central cocktail table. The stuff is very nice and helpful. The entertainment and the technology on board that you will be able to experience, is excellent. If you have the ability of flying business class, these 5 airline companies we truly recommend, and it is absolutely no wonder that they have so excellent reviews, as they truly deserve it! We wish you a pleasant flight, and we are hope that you will agree with us for everything we wrote today about the experience with flying luxurious.