Few tips every traveller should do!

We decided to write a blog today about few amazing tips that every traveller should start doing. If you are a Jet- setter, and you are travelling regularly, we are more than sure that you pack and take with you on the plane so many things which you won’t even wear once during your trip. So why to take so many things which you for nothing? We have written below few amazing tips which you should keep in mind, and we guarantee, once you start following this rules, your trips will become so much more comfortable and fun!

  1. Make a packing list every time before you travel! This is absolutely the rule number one and the main thing. It is like a contract that you are signing with yourself- so, before you are travelling to a particular place, take a piece of paper or a small notebook, and write down exactly what you need. From shoes, till clothes, till accessorise. And once you take out your travel luggage out from your closet, pack inside just this things you have written down and this things which you have on your list! We guarantee your travels will become so much more fun, because you don’t have to carry with you all this unnecessary things with you, and a lot of people who started to follow this rules , started to flight and to travel just with one single, carry- on- sized bag. So much easier!

Get informed and learn about luggage. So many bags etc. are on the market just because of their design, and not just necessary for being efficient. As many other things, most bags are as well on the market and are designed just to sell easily. Inform yourself about fabrics and zippers, and choose wisely.

Avoid liquids- first of all, they add extra heaviness, and second of all they are suspicious to security. Liquids are the bane of the light traveller. Also, once you start using smaller packages, your check ins etc. on the airport will be so much faster and easier.

2. Do some laundry! Carry exactly as much underwear as many days you will be away, and don’t stuff your bags and luggage with unnecessary things, or things you need to wash while you are away and supposed to enjoy your holidays, trips etc. Travel with pleasure, and don’t add yourself any extra hustle!

3. Coordinate your colours- while you will be making your travel list, and writing down what exactly to take with you, be careful also about the colours. Match things straight away, and you will end up with carrying and taking with you exactly what you need.