Visit Dubai and bag the ultimate Round- the- World ticket!

We have written a blog today for all of our Clients who are planning a Round- the- World trip, and how to make the most out of it! If you are planning to travel around the globe and are thinking about how to make your trip as much as affordable as possible, here are few tips which you definitely have to keep in mind. First of all… When is the best time to travel? Travelling between mid- April and June will make you definitely get the best prices. Or at least, avoid your Round- the- World trip during peak travel times which include July and August, December and January. Not just because of the best ticket prices, but also because the weather- at this time, you will follow the best weather around the world.

Start your Round- the- World adventure with a decision where to travel and which cities and places to visit- most people who did their ” around the World ” adventure, have chosen first of all their two or three ” must see ” destinations. Why not to follow the same tip? Keep in mind that adding South America usually adds complexity and cost, if you are looking for a more affordable Round- the- World trip.

After you have chosen your two or three ” must see ” locations, you will avoid also one more thing generally- ticket changes. A lot of people and travellers change their tickets after their initial booking, which will cost you at the end more, or will add you extra costs. If you are not sure yet about it, consider booking flexible tickets- it might cost you more at purchase, but will save you money in the long term and especially if you change your flights or dates during or before your trip.

Several countries such as Indonesia and many places in South America, are better to visit by flying to a nearby hub as they are popular without being well- served by Round- the- World tickets. Hop instead on a low- cost flight and rejoin after your Round- the- World later, which will save you extra money and hustle at the end.

Something that we definitely advice as well is, to rent and drive a ” v ” rather than using train rides which will just drop you from line a to line b. Also, you will be able to explore the culture more, be more flexible, add some extra excitement and feel the real enjoyment!

Thank you for reading our blogs , and follow as well in future to find out more about events, happenings, great travel tips and places we recommend in Dubai and Worldwide! Lebesoin